Marine Strength Cleaner and Degreaser for Hard Surfaces

Product Overview

RigWash is a highly concentrated, non-aggressive cleaner that can be used for cleaning all surfaces. This includes all metals, rubbers, plastics, acrylics, chrome, plated finishes, and painted surfaces without fear of warping, etching, weakening, or corroding. It is also safe to use on all machinery and equipment. This product utilizes Bioremedial technology to literally "eat" grease, oil, and hydrocarbons off of any surface. This process uses naturally occurring, safe microorganisms with specially formulated bio-surfactants to degrade these hydrocarbons. RigWash contains no solvents and is non-flammable. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-caustic. When this product is used in a routine maintenance program, it will effectively help to maintain a clean and safe environment while effectively and economically eliminating hazardous hydrocarbon pollution in the work place. 


RigWash is listed in the Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme as a non-hazardous rigwash product. This product is a 100% non-harmful, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, pH neutral safe product. This product requires no expensive PPE training, equipment, or COSHH analysis. RigWash has been tested for warping, crazing, and degradation of metals, rubber, acrylics, and other sensitive materials, and it can also be used for the regular wash-down of equipment, vehicles, and machinery. 


PRODUCT EFFECTIVENESS: The effectiveness of this product and the speed at which it works is determined by certain factors. In general these factors are as follows:

TEMPERATURE: The warmer the temperature, the faster this product will work. The effective operating temperature is between 42 degrees F and 120 degrees F. 

AERATION & PRESSURE: Aeration (air hose or bubbler) and pressure speeds up the process. 

TYPE OF HYDROCARBON: Some hydrocarbons take longer than others. The bioremedial process generally will begin immediately but may take longer to complete depending on the above factors. 


Product photo
Packaging Available RGW-005 . . . . . 5 gallon cubitainer
RGW-055 . . . . . 55 gallon drum
RGW-275 . . . . . 275 gallon tote
Appearance Clear Liquid
Odor None
Soluble in Water Complete
pH Concentrate 6.9-7.2
pH Diluted 6.9-7.5
Evaporation Rate Same as Water
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