Soil and Water Remediation

“Remediation is simply the restoration of what was contaminated. We find that hundreds of billions of naturally-occurring, targeted, bacteria, seem to do the best work.”

In Situ (On-site)


Our recommended and most popular remediation service is our in situ treatment. We treat a wide range of hydrocarbons using advanced, targeted, bio-technology (highly concentrated specified microbes) which not only remove hydrocarbons from soil and water, they turn the hydrocarbon into Carbon Dioxide and Water. They also do not damage or disturb even the most sensitive of areas.

According to the EPA: “…The potential use of bioremediation technologies is significant, as federal & state governments, private industry and others responsible for environmental cleanup efforts add it to their arsenals of methods for environmental reclamation…”

In situ (on site) remediation of a hydrocarbon polluted ecosystem has proven to be the most efficient and effective form of remediation in our experience, lowering: time, cost, man hours, and pollution. Using environmentally-friendly, versatile, and cost-effective technology (microbes), has led us to success as we aim to provide safe, sustainable, and efficient solutions or serious problems that involve the oil field.

 On-site remediation is attractive because it only consists of a few basic steps:

  1. Break up land and till in dry product
  2. Spray with liquid product and water
  3. Water weekly until remediated

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