Saltwater Remediation for Soil

Land-Drill-rigWhat Do We Do?

Our team remediates brine contamination using advanced biotechnology. We partner with Varichem International to deliver a tailored organic compound that restores the environment, even in the most ecologically sensitive situations. Our efficiency in saltwater remediation comes through using safe, naturally-occurring organic compounds to neutralize these harmful contaminants and restore the environment.

Whether contamination originated from a tank battery overflow, a pump break-down or another source, we first consult with our customer and conduct a thorough survey of the sight.  Samples are reviewed in our labs to aid the creation of a perfectly-tailored compound to neutralize the saltwater disaster.

Our Process Allows for a Tailored Solution to Remove Contamination.

We initiate every remediation with consultation, including:

Why are BRINE Spills Harmful?

Saltwater spills pose a significant risk to plants, soil, and freshwater resources. In regards to the oilfield, saltwater spills are more frequent and more damaging than oil spills. Many farmers and land owners declare the severity of brine contamination due to the destruction of the land on which it is spilled. In fact, the sodium breaks down the soil making it an inhospitable environment for vegetation growth. Because the salt cannot be removed unless it is flushed out by a significant amount of fresh water, the soil is broken down into sand, leaving sand patches wherever the brine is spilled. This renders the soil useless providing a loss for the land owner and oil company (as the farmer can collect damages). 

What Sets Us Apart?

Saltwater cannot be removed easily or efficiently. That being the case, neutralizing the sodium is the best option. For brine contamination, our organic compounds neutralize the salt, making the soil fertile again immediately after treatment. That means as soon as our time-effective, cost-effective, and green solution is implemented, the land is primed and ready for plant growth and wildlife habitation.

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