Oil Well Stimulation and Production

Safety, Sustainability, and Efficiency are Key!


Safety: Eliminates H2S, hot oiling, and the use of harsh chemicals

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a highly flammable, explosive gas, and can cause possible life-threatening situations if not properly handled. In addition, hydrogen sulfide gas burns and produces other toxic vapors and gases. The effect called knockdown (rapid unconsciousness) often results in falls that can seriously injure the worker. Hot Oiling is the procedure used to remove Paraffin and tar-based oils from the wells to improve efficiency. However, spraying pressurized hot oil down the wells is extremely dangerous. Injuries can include: being burned by hot oil or hot oil line, or frostbite injuries from contact with propane or propane lines. Harsh corrosive chemicals are also used to remove build up in the wells and are also dangerous and will burn skin, eyes, etc.

Sustainability: Constantly targets harmful compounds

Removes Paraffin, H2S, Scale, Corrosion, and Asphaltenes Unlike chemicals that will only treat what they contact, microbes, as living organisms will seek out food, therefore penetrating further into formations and fractures

Efficiency: Improves the performance of your well

How does it work?

Microbial Induced Corrosion:

Acid Producing Bacteria (APB) and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) metabolize metal (i.e. produce iron sulfide) as well as some hydrocarbon chains and these microbes produce corrosive gases (i.e. carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide) and embed themselves underneath heavy biofilms that protect them while they bore into the pipe. Envirologic Solution’s products do not create biofilms, are not corrosive, and only metabolize on selected hydrocarbon chains while producing bio-surfactants and solvents. Our MIC solution is the most effective treatment known today for controlling and eliminating SRB and APB from an O&G production system.

Why Use Envirologic Solutions?

We tailor solutions to fit each of your individual well needs.

Using lab testing we find the most efficient procedure to eliminate Paraffin, H2S, Scale & Corrosion, Asphaltenes, and the need for hazardous chemicals for each of your wells.

We come do the service for you, or can train your employees

Removing these dangerous methods and chemicals brings efficiency but more importantly SAFETY for your team.

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