Hydrocarbon Stain Removal and Cleaning

Stain Removal and Cleaning:

Hydrocarbons are all over industrial systems. Due to their nature, that means hydrocarbon stains are all over industrial systems. Whether it is a broken wind turbine, a fuel island, or a trucking bay, hydrocarbons are staining equipment and infrastructure constantly. It is easy to remove the top layer of a hydrocarbon spill, but what is challenging is to remove the stain, which has found its way to the foundation.

We use microbes to remove stains!

We wash these stains and spills with a simple procedure, but see an exceptional result. With bacteria, we can remove your stain or set you up for success.

Our hydrocarbon craving microbes are foamed or sprayed on the problem and they do the work. They are allowed to sit (the longer you let it sit, the more they dissolve the stain), and then pressure washed off, and out comes the stain (using agitation methods, like a scrub brush, speeds up the process). The microbes have already begun to eat, so with an occasional watering, scrubbing, and addition of more product if necessary, the stain disappears. It’s like magic, but it’s science.

*See some of our experiences with this process under the success stories tab.

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