Hydrocarbon Remediation for Soil

OilPipeline_000056149226_LargeWhat Do We Do?

Our service team cleans a wide range of petroleum contamination using advanced biotechnology. We do not simply remove or hide the problem, we restore the environment, even in the most ecologically sensitive situations. As a consultative service company, we provide in-depth evaluation of the contamination and environment, and predetermine the urgency so we can put together an appropriate solution for any situation.

Our Process Allows for a Tailored Solution to Remove Contamination.

We initiative every contamination remediation with necessary consultation procedure, including:

What Sets Us Apart?

While most competing companies use transportation and disposal methods (T&D), EnviroLogic Solutions eliminates the contamination and restores the environment In Situ (on-site). We have discovered that using safe, naturally-occurring, hydrocarbon-eating microbes is the most efficient way to clean a hydrocarbon spill. They eliminate the need for heavy transportation and disposal and they follow every strand of petroleum, eating until there are none left in the ground.

epaAccording to the EPA: “…The use of bioremediation technologies will become significant, as federal & state governments, private industry and others responsible for environmental cleanup efforts add it to their arsenals of methods for environmental reclamation…”

Our Solutions: 

Our preference and recommendation for most situations is in situ remediation, as mentioned. Through injection and land farming methods, specialized, naturally-occurring microbes are pumped into the ground to eliminate the hydrocarbon contamination. This process is incredibly efficient and safe for all living organisms, including: humans, plant life, animals, etc.

We recognize that all situations are not the same, however; in some cases microbes cannot be used or are not the absolute best option. This is only very frequently, but, in such cases we offer vacuum trucks as well as transportation and disposal methods.


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