Remediating Brine Contamination Near Abilene, TX

When the seals failed on a disposal well pump near Abilene, Texas, saltwater was spilled over a half-acre area.  Several inches of rain fell in the following weeks, but concentrations remained too high to permit re-growth of vegetation.  The owners of the well were under strong pressure from the Texas Railroad Commission to take corrective action.  EnviroLogic Solutions was called in to assess the site and provide solutions to reduce sodium levels in the soil.

Testing indicated that the spill had reached depths of only a few inches, permitting a surface-level treatment.  Our service team delivered a combination of tailored organic compounds to neutralize the harmful contaminants and boost restoration of the soil.  The ground was tilled, additional biomass was applied, and the area was re-seeded.

Initial growth was observed in less than two weeks from the time of treatment.


Contaminated area prior to treatment


Initial treatment of test section
Initial treatment of test section



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