Oilfield Kleen (OFK) at Work in West Texas

The newest member of our product lineup was put to the test recently on a rig near Odessa, TX.  Drilling operations were adding to the daily layers of crude oil, grease and drilling mud, despite the fact that one rig hand was assigned to cleaning each day.  Oilfield Kleen (OFK) — our premier cleaner, degreaser, and remediant — was used in a side-by-side comparison with the rig’s current cleaning solution, a harsher, more caustic degreasing product.  OFK cut the drilling mud and crude even better than the competition!

Unlike the other product, however, the cleaning doesn’t stop when the grease comes off the equipment.  The proprietary combination of naturally occurring microorganisms in OFK goes to work immediately, breaking down the hydrocarbons until only water and carbon dioxide remain.  There is no hazardous waste to dispose, no harmful runoff to contain.

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Foam it on. Spray it off. It's just that simple!
Foam it on. Spray it off. It’s just that simple!

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