FleetKleen to the Rescue

One afternoon, while killing some time at a friend’s house, I decided I was going to use my time wisely and set out to change the oil in my truck. Now, I have to preface this by letting you know a little about this friend. My friend and I have been friends since Jr High, and I know from past experience how particular he can be about keeping things clean, especially around his house. He is as particular about his house as the main character on the TV show, Monk. So I knew I had to be extremely careful, and he reiterated this by letting me know not to spill any oil on his driveway, which happened to be basically brand new. Of course, I told him he had nothing to worry about as this was not the first time I had changed my oil and had been doing so since I was old enough to drive. I proceeded to get everything ready.

I did everything that you would think I would do following all of the usual steps. I put the truck up on ramps and got my tools out. Then I proceeded to grab my buddy’s oil drain pan because I didn’t have mine with me. His drain pan happened to have about two quarts of oil still in it from when he changed the oil on his dirt bike, which I found highly disturbing knowing how anal retentive my friend was with everything in his house. Hold on to this bit of information because it is important a little later on in the story. I went above and beyond to protect his driveway and even put down a few shop towels around the oil drain pan to be sure if I had a drip here or there, they would still be caught. I then went about getting the bolt on the oil pan loose and prepped for bolt removal. Anyone who has ever changed the oil on a car or truck knows that the initial shot of used oil coming out of the oil pan is about as predictable as a pregnant woman knowing what she wants to eat. You can almost guarantee that you will not ever get the oil drain pan in the right place. Coupling this information with the knowledge of my friend’s anal retentiveness, I lifted the drain pan up closer to the drain plug just praying for a chance that this would deter any chance of spillage. I then went about removing the drain plug the rest of the way and quickly pulled it out of the way with one hand as I supported the drain pan with the other hand. Of course, as you may have guessed my planned worked as smoothly as a motor being lubricated with sand.

As soon as the oil hit the pan, it threw the pan off balance, and I proceeded to spill the two quarts of oil that were in the drain pan, which I still blame on my friend, but I digress. Not only did I spill his two quarts of oil all over his driveway, the oil pouring out of the oil pan my truck was now going everywhere. So I quickly got the drain pan back in place and managed to get the rest of the oil collected in the drain pan like it needed to be. I then proceeded to soak up the oil on the driveway with some absorb all and what felt like every shop towel that he had in his garage. I managed to finish the rest of my oil change without any other incidents. After I got everything cleaned up, I was faced with how I was going to get rid of the stain that would definitely be left behind from the mishap.

I then remembered I had some FleetKleen at my house and decided that was the best fix to my problem. I went over to his house about a week later with a 16 oz. bottle of FleetKleen. I mixed it up at the suggested ratio, poured it on the stained area and with a push broom, proceeded to scrub lightly for about 5-10 minutes while keeping the area wet with product. I left the area wet and left for the day. About a week or so later, I was over at his house and noticed that the spot was gone. I asked him about it, and he said about two days after I cleaned the stain, he could barely see the spot any more. He was definitely happy that his driveway was back to normal. FleetKleen allows you to do a little work on the front end, and then it takes care of the rest, which is phenomenal!

Seth Bluhm – Director of Operations

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