72 Hour Bench Test

EnviroLogic scientists ran a bench test to explore the expediency and effectiveness of the microbes we use in relation to hydrocarbon remediation. In a controlled environment, the sample consisted of a Hydrocarbon Count of 7047 ppm. With only one treatment and a wait time of merely 72 hours, it is amazing to see the results produced by our microbes.

Time: 0
Hydrocarbon count: 7047 ppm

Time: 60 minutes
Hydrocarbon count: 755 ppm

Time: 24 hours
Hydrocarbon count: 187 ppm

Time: 48 hours
Hydrocarbon count: 153 ppm

Time: 72 hours
Hydrocarbon count: 82 ppm

**Within 72 hours of the initial treatment the hydrocarbon count dropped from 7074 to 82 ppm.

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