Dale Rankin

Dale Rankin
Vice President


Dale is Vice-President and Co-Founder of EnviroLogic Solutions and is the President of Archer Distribution. Needless to say, Dale knows the chemical supply industry. He is known for his ability to source materials worldwide, his fluency in Spanish and Portuguese, his beautiful horses, and for his signature cowboy hat. As a pioneer, Dale has been supplying products to match the needs of major companies in the Western Hemisphere for decades. He has extensive travel experience and contract negotiation skills which are a tremendous asset to our endeavors. Dale’s family also owns and operates a training facility for quarter horses in Brazil, where they have successfully introduced champion American breeding lines into the nation’s largest equine sport. Lastly, how could we fail to mention that he has the heart of a true huntsman? He loves the chase, the sport, and the reward that comes from big hunts, which explains the endless trophy taxidermy that decorates his ranch.


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