Brian Bluhm

Brian Bluhm

President, Envirologic Solutions
President, Worldwide Business Solutions
Owner, Profitmax Chemical

Brian is President and Co-Founder of Envirologic Solutions, and the President of Worldwide Business Solutions. With 20 years of business leadership experience under his belt, Brian leads with strong values of integrity, teamwork, excellence and sensitivity to the needs of the individual. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and opening doors for others to find opportunities of their own.

From his earliest memories, two key items form the core of Brian’s business experience: hard work and the search for opportunity. Growing up in rural Kansas, there was no shortage of hard work to be found. Driving tractors, bucking hay bales, mowing yards and helping with harvest were the standard regimen of his upbringing. Adventures in entrepreneurship began early, mowing yards at 8, owning a fireworks stand with his brother at 13 and contracting for municipal water services in high school. Later employment in higher education proved frustrating to his entrepreneurial inclinations, leading him to exit the university environment and venture into business with his wife, Sherry.

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