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Who Are We?

The mission of EnviroLogic Solutions is to “Solve Oilfield and Industrial Problems Using Advanced Biotechnology.” As a company driven by CEO Baron Lukas, Marine Corps Colonel (ret.), EnviroLogic Solutions sees the opportunity to provide and sustain innovative and eco-conscious solutions for oilfield and industrial problems. Our focus is STEWARDSHIP. We believe there is a better way to steward our land, resources, and economy for the following generations.

What Do We Do?

We perform services and sell naturally-occurring microbes and organic compounds that eliminate contamination and restore the damaged environment.

Our Services Involve: Hydrocarbon Remediation for Soil, Hydrocarbon Remediation for Water, and Salt Water Remediation for Soil (partnered with Varichem International).

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Our Products: Our products are distributed through Distribution Now, Howard Supply Company, and Fastenal. They are targeted towards the industrial market (including: industrial, oil & gas, food processing, construction, marine, transportation, etc.) and use similar naturally-occurring microbes and organic compounds that our service teams utilize.

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Where Did We Come From?

Founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs looking to make a global impact, the EnviroLogic Solutions team saw the opportunity to provide and sustain innovative and environmental solutions for problems that continue to be relevant. The leaders operate from a forward-looking perspective and are looking to shift the global paradigm in the industrial cleaning industry.

Many things in the world are developing, but the oilfield and cleaning industry remain religiously the same. The EnviroLogic Solutions team saw a better way and have been pushing these new solutions to the market ever since.

Core Values

These values complement our most influential and centralized value: Stewardship

Walk with Honor

Treat others fairly, honestly, and respectfully.

Innovate Continually

Seek new and better solutions in all aspects of life.

Move with Courage

Live boldly, proactively, and persistently, with a heart of perseverance. We don’t quit.

Pursue Excellence

Raise the bar in every situation.

Win as a Team

Team before self; a real win benefits everyone.

 Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Baron Lukas
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
President, Vital Strategies Management Consulting
Strategic Advisor, Crudefunders, LLC

Baron is CEO of EnviroLogic Solutions and President of Vital Strategies Management Consulting. A retired Marine Corps Colonel, former investment banker, and former COO of a privately held company in the oil and gas sector, Baron has over 36 years of leadership, management, and mentoring experience (Read More).

Brian Bluhm
President, Worldwide Business Solutions

Brian is President and Co-Founder of EnviroLogic Solutions, and the President of Worldwide Business Solutions. With 20 years of Business leadership experience under his belt, Brian leads with strong values of integrity, teamwork, excellence, and sensitivity to the needs of the individual (Read More).

Dale Rankin
President, Archer Distribution

Dale is Vice-President and Co-Founder of EnviroLogic Solutions and is the President of Archer Distribution. Needless to say, Dale knows the chemical supply industry (Read More).

Director of Strategic Development
Caleb Kelso
Vice President at ProfitMax Chemical

Caleb is the Director of Strategic Development for EnviroLogic Solutions. As a licensed financial advisor for 14 years, Caleb helped clients construct plans to achieve their financial goals. In this, he discovered the importance of developing a clear vision and setting specific goals (Read More).

Director of Operations
Seth Bluhm
1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army National Guard

Seth is Director of Operations for EnviroLogic Solutions and has been in leadership since the day this company was founded. Never one to back down from a challenge, Seth relishes the opportunity to organize chaos (Read More).

Director of Sales
Josh Duncan

Josh is the Director of Sales at EnviroLogic Solutions and hosts a plethora of unique experiences. Receiving an Economics degree from Texas Tech, working for a year in Brazil, acting as project manager at a large Oil and Gas Fabrication company, and being with EnviroLogic Solutions since day one, are some of the reasons we say that “juggling” is Josh’s specialty (Read More).

Director of Marketing
Zach Stromberg


Zach is the Director of Marketing at EnviroLogic Solutions. He is a graduate of Abilene Christian University (ACU ’14) with a B.B.A in Finance and a B.S. in Psychology. His diverse background and willingness to learn brings sustainability and opportunity to our company’s development. 



Director of Finance

Sue Ann McDonald

Sue is the Director of Finance at EnviroLogic Solutions. After completing her Master’s degree, Sue began to work as an Office Manager for a thriving chemical supply company. Her now 7+ years of experience in the industry has brought needed skills and expertise to our team.

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