Fuel Bays

PTG is a high-end truck stop that has 10 fuel bays and hosts approximately 300 trucks a day. Due to the constance use, oil and fuel spills layered one on top of another.  This produced stains that regular degreasers could not handle.  The customer needed a way to remove the stains without losing the use of their fuel bays.

Our product cleans based on source.  If there is more hydrocarbon, the microorganisms continue to eat.  Not only does cleaning occur on the surface, but the the hard-working microbes “chase” their food source down into the concrete, lifting and removing long-standing stains.

Working with the customer, we designed a process for cleaning that allowed for maximum time and product efficiency.  FleetKleen, a powerful degreaser and bioremediant, provided PTG with superior results without additional down time.

The pictures below show our results after two (2) weeks of treating the area with product, and one (1) week of downtime due to PTG’s equipment being in the shop.

FleetKleen was applied to the area at approximately a 1:20 ratio every 3rd day using water every other day. After two weeks the area had lightened and stains were being removed.



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