Montgomery School


Montgomery School in Exeter, UK was a new school with a strong belief in carbon neutrality. Not only do they believe in educating sustainably, but they wanted the construction process to be sustainable as well. Unfortunately, they found an area of a field that was contaminated with high levels of Benzo(a)pyrene (BaP.) They decided to conduct an in situ remediation of the contaminated land using Envirologic products. However, they had a restriction on the treatment process: the land must be disturbed as little as possible, which rules out tilling up the area.

montgomery-3Remediation involved a three-step process.  First, they cordoned off the area to minimize disruption from foot traffic or other outside elements. Next, topical treatments were applied to the surface by spreading the product directly on the land. Underground treatments were then administered through bore holes to a depth of three meters.

The affected area was successfully treated without disturbing the top layer of soil. Within 60 days, the area was completely remediated and ready for use. Montgomery School was able to successfully stick to their mission of environmental sustainability while tackling a difficult problem.



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