Intercontinental Terminals


An ITC train car spilled an estimated 6,000 gallons of toluene, contaminating nearly 6,000 cubic yards of soil and gravel under the railway and loading platform. The location of the spill left ITC with two options for remediation:
1. Dig up the railway, the platform, and all 6,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil.
2. Envirologic Solutions

ITC chose Envirologic Solutions because of the huge savings afforded by our methods. We used 45 gallons of Liquid Remediact and 45 gallons of our HC Series. The total cost of treatment was less than $10,000 and was accomplished without removing any rail lines or contaminated ground. This saved ITC the financial and time costs of tearing down the railway and platform as well as the cost of rebuilding them.

The efforts of EnviroLogic Solutions also saved significant down time in ITC’s operations since bioremediation did not require the removal of the rails. Remediation was completed on site, preventing both the need to transport the contaminated soil to a landfill and the need to replace it with fresh dirt.

Contamination was reduced to a non-detect level within 60 days from the initial treatment.


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