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When a rig manager in the Permian Basin expressed his frustration with traditional oilfield degreaser products, we asked him to give Oilfield Kleen(OFK) a try on his rig’s hard-to-clean places.


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        BEFORE              AFTER

h-p-before  h-p-after

Oilfield Kleen (OFK) is the only cleaning product in the oilfield that cuts like a degreaser AND remediates hydrocarbons like nature. All-natural biosurfactants strip away grease, crude and drilling mud to clean the surface while naturally-occurring microorganisms digest the hydrocarbon molecules.  OFK is an effective cleaner that won’t harm your workers, your equipment or the environment around you.  It is 100%:
– Non-Hazardous
– Non-Toxic
– Non-Corrosive
– Non-Caustic

You can get great clean without having to contain runoff!


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