Liquid Spillaway

Bioremedial Lawn & Turf Cleaner

Product Overview

Liquid Spillaway combines the unique properties of bioremediation with the environmentally-enhancing cleaning ability of "bio-surface-releasing" agents. This product was specifically developed to treat hazardous hydrocarbon spills on grass, turf, and sensitive vegetation areas. Liquid Spillaway can be utilized in marshy areas where aquatic and insect habitation may be adversely affected by traditional methods of spill recovery and remediation. This is the "gentlest" of all of our products and therefore is an ideal general purpose cleaner for all grease, oil, and hydrocarbon spill clean-up. 

Liquid Spillaway is an active mixure of hydrocarbon-oxidizing, naturally occurring, single-celled microorganisms, with a "bio-surface cleaning agent." It is specially formulated to be SAFE, ENVIRONMENTALLY ENHANCING, and EFFECTIVE.

How to use

Liquid Spillaway should be used in the same way you would use any general purpose cleaner. This product is highly concentrated and must be diluted at a ratio of 1 part Liquid Spillaway to 10 parts water. You may add more water for greater economy or as your application dictates. The instructions below will give a basic idea of how to use and dilute this product.

1. Add Liquid Spillaway to water. One gallon of this product will yield up to 40 gallons of cleaning solutions.

2. We suggest initial trials at approximately 20 parts of the product to 1 part water.

3. You may use tap water, freshwater, salt water, or rain water. All work equally well.

4. Mix only the amount that you will need to accomplish your clean-up.

5. Use a brush or sponge to loosen any built-up contamination or dirt. 

6. After mixing with water, this product has a shelf-life of approximately 30 days.

Product photo
Packaging Available LSA-005 . . . . . 5 gallon cubitainer
Appearance Green Liquid
Odor Faint Citrus
Soluble in Water Complete
pH Concentrate 7.2
pH Diluted 6.9-7.5
Evaporation Rate Same as Water
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