Microbial-Enzymatic Remediation Agent for Food-Processing Plants.

Product Overview

FPT-600™ is a unique concept in the cleaning, maintenance & remediation of troublesome contaminants in the food processing industry. This product utilizes Bio-Remedial technology to literally “eat” animal and vegetable greases, oils, starches & lipids from all areas of your plant. At the same time FPT-600™ will remediate any hydrocarbons that may be present in production areas from leaking lubricant & hydraulic lines on your equipment. These hydrocarbons include a broad spectrum of petroleum based chemicals including oils, lubricants, greases & solvents. This Bio-Remedial technology uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to degrade all of these substances that may cause manufacturing or processing failures. As a secondary benefit, when used with our SEP-700™ Septic System Product, you can be assured of an environmentally safe facility. FPT-600™ is compounded with special “Bio-Nutrient” compounds to accelerate the Bio-Remedial process & render the polluting compounds harmless to your equipment, your employees & the environment. The by-products of this natural process are CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and water. FPT-600™ is an excellent general purpose cleaner. When used in a general maintenance program, it is very economical to use.


FPT-600™ can safely be used in most food processing, meat packing, rendering, bakery, soft-drink, brewery, & food-service facilities that need to solve “multi-contaminant” issues.  

*Along with Fats, Oils, and Greases, FPT-600 also remediates some Hydrocarbons, including, but not limited to: diesel, heating oil, gasoline, motor oil, and much more. 

How to use

FPT-600™ is a highly concentrated liquid. Whichever procedure you decide to follow, you must mix this product at a minimum ratio of 15 parts water to 1 part FPT-600™ in order for this product to work effectively. You may add more water, if necessary, for economy or as your application may dictate.



1. Insert themixing tube of the pressure washer directly into the spout of the container. 2. This product must be mixed at a minimum of 15 parts water to 1 part FPT-600™.
3. Adjust concentration levels as appropriate.
4. Apply the mixture directly on the area you wish to clean & degrease.
5. Use the “pressure” to aerate and agitate the “stubborn” areas.
6. Allow the area to remain wet for as long as possible.
7. Very old stains may need several applications.


1. Pre-mix FPT-600™ in an industrial sprayer at an appropriate concentration level.
2. The product must be mixed at a minimum of 15 parts water to 1 part FPT-600™.
3. Spray the stained area with the mixture, being sure to cover the area to be cleaned.
4. Wait a few minutes before going to next step.
5. Agitate and aerate the area with a stiff brush or broom.
6. Allow the area to remain wet for as long as possible.
7. Very old stains may need several applications.  

Product photo
Packaging Available FPT-005 . . . . . 5 gallon cubetainer
FPT-055 . . . . . 55 gallon drum
FPT-275 . . . . . 275 gallon tote
Appearance Purple Liquid
Odor Orange Citrus
Soluble in Water Complete
pH Concentrate 6.6 to 7.2
pH Diluted 6.2 to 7.5
Temperature The warmer the temperature, the faster this product will work.
Aeration and Pressure The use of an industrial sprayer or pressure washer speeds the process.
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