ECHO All-Natural Absorbent & Remediant

Spread it. Collect it. Throw it away.

Product Overview

ECHO is comprised of all natural fibers and is 100% organic and biodegradable.  The consistency of ECHO yields an extremely long shelf life and has demonstrated absorbing up to 9 times its own weight in hydrocarbons.

Yep, that's right -- one pound of ECHO can absorb one gallon of hydrocarbon.

ECHO will also retain contaminants when exposed to the elements, exceeding the Federal Leachate Standards and regulations.  ECHO is landfill safe, lightweight, easy to move and easy to handle.  This environmentally-friendly product will make your cleanup processes more effective, saving you time and money.

ECHO has undergone a series of environmental studies and tests.  Studies completed at an EPA Certified lab have demonstrated ECHO's proven effectiveness in attracting and absorbing hydrocarbons, as well as other potentially hazardous environmental contaminants.  To address the ever-changing scenarios seen in Oil & Gas exploration, ECHO's creators continue to test their product with additional chemical agents commonly used in the oilfield.

  • 100% organic and biodegradable
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% non-hazardous
  • Landfill safe


The answer to your man-made challenge is a nature-made solution.

Perfect to incorporate into IRP's and SPCC's

Evaporation Ponds: Speed up time waiting on evaporation

Disposal Wells: Retain and absorb possible spillage

Mud Farming: Solidification agent for drill cutting disposal

Transfer Stations: Excellent for spill cleanup


How to use

For hydrocarbon spills on hard surfaces:

  1. If the spill is fresh, apply ECHO on the spill perimeter to create a barrier around the spill.
  2. Apply ECHO liberally to the spill itself so it covers the spill surface in an excess amount.
  3. When the hydrocarbon has been absorbed, gather the powder and dispose in the trash.
  4. After clean up, ECHO will leave the surface decontaminated, skid resistant, and safe to work or walk on.

For hydrocarbon spills on soil:

  1. Apply ECHO evenly across contaminated surface.
  2. Till or blend into soil to the depth of contamination.
  3. ECHO will draw the hydrocarbon from the soil over time.  Wetting the soil will accelerate this process.
  4. ECHO can be left in place to safely degrade hydrocarbons over time.

For hydrocarbon spills on water:

  1. Pour ECHO into contaminated waters.
  2. ECHO will absorb hydrocarbon while repelling water.
  3. Apply additional product as needed until all hydrocarbon has been absorbed.
  4. Remove ECHO and dispose in the trash.

The speed and effectiveness of ECHO depends on several factors:

  • The temperature–warmer temperature are cleaned faster.
  • The age of the spill–older spills take longer to clean up.
  • The type of hydrocarbon–some hydrocarbons take longer to clean up than others.
Product photo
Packaging Available ECO-002 . . . . . 2.5 cu ft poly bag
ECO-005 . . . . . 5 gal bucket
ECO-051 . . . . . Bulk Super Bag (51 cu ft)
Appearance Brown powder
Download product datasheet Download product SDS

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